What Type Of Home Will You Find In Colorado Springs?

Some cities are known for having one predominant style of home. It narrows your options and can make it difficult to find a different type of home. You may find yourself in a bidding war with other buyers that are also looking for something more unique.

Before you decide on an area, it’s a good idea to see what home styles are on the market. You don’t want to end up in a home you don’t love.

Colorado Springs is a vibrant small city with lots of character. Whether you are dreaming of owning a log cabin-style home or something more modern, Colorado Springs has these styles and more.

Colorado Farmhouse

The Colorado Farmhouse is a unique home. It’s a blend between a midwestern and eastern seaboard farmhouse and is an ideal home for families.

The rectangular-shaped home has an attractive L-shaped gable. The front porch is wide and long enough for a couple of rocking chairs and is usually covered by a shed-style roof supported by large wooden columns.

European Eclectic

European Electric homes blend several styles of western European architecture into a unique design. If you are looking for a home that’s different from the cookie-cutter style often constructed in planned neighborhoods, this could be your dream house.

These homes have prominent chimneys with shorter roof overhangs. Vertical windows give the home an attractive appearance, along with the recessed porch.

Prairie Style

Prairie homes are constructed from either stone, wood, brick, or stucco, and are one of the first examples of American architecture.

These homes feature asymmetrical levels and pitched, shallow roofs, with artfully grouped casement windows. The large, covered porches are ideal for creating an outdoor living space.

Foursquare Style

Foursquare-style homes began appearing in Colorado Springs in the 1920s. These homes are either two or two and a half stories, giving growing families plenty of room to spread out. The larger home also gives buyers options on how to use the various rooms.

If you want to add a dedicated media room, you may want to look at foursquare homes. It also helps the windows come in a symmetrical pattern. It makes it a little easier to find a room where you can block out any light that can interfere with your projector.

A large center dormer gives these houses plenty of curb appeal, along with the full or half front porch.


It seems people either love or hate Craftsman-style homes. If it’s one of your preferred home styles, you’ll find these houses throughout Colorado Springs neighborhoods.

Craftsman homes are built with a mix of stone and wood and are instantly recognizable by their gable roofs. The open floor plan is ideal for entertaining, and the homes can have one, two, or even three stories.


Victorian homes are a blend of Greek, Italian, and Gothic-inspired architecture. The façade is asymmetrical and features prominent bay windows. Towers and turrets are common architectural features, along with gables and pitched roofs.

A large front porch wrapping around the house connects the home’s interior to the outdoors and the surrounding community.


Contemporary homes are a popular style in Colorado Springs. You can almost always find these homes for sale.

The large windows, sloping roofs, and clean, defined lines give these houses instant curb appeal. It’s also not uncommon for a contemporary-style home to have an open floor plan.

Summing Up

If you are planning a move to Colorado Springs, CO, you aren’t going to be limited to choosing between one or two housing styles.

You can find everything from a contemporary home to a Craftsman or more eclectic one. With help from a realtor, you can find your new dream home

Guest blog by Karl Kennedy
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